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a woman talks about issues in an anger management therapy programWhile anger is a natural human emotion, some people’s anger gets so out of control that it can lead to devastating consequences. Our anger management therapy program in Los Angeles is designed to help people regain control of their anger, achieve a higher quality of life, and focus their energy on more productive activities.

If you or a loved one are ready to start seeking mental health treatment for an anger problem, call Illumination Mental Health at 747.285.7504 to get started with anger management counseling in Los Angeles, CA today.

Signs of an Anger Problem

Anger problems can crop up in several different ways. The hallmarks of an anger problem include:

  • Losing control when something gets on your nerves
  • Social problems due to anger, such as damaged relationships or public embarrassment
  • Getting worked up over little things
  • Hyperventilating, clenching your fists, or trembling when you get angry
  • Unsuccessful attempts to cope with anger

These common signs of anger issues can be treated with anger management counseling in Los Angeles, CA. With targeted psychotherapy, behavioral techniques developed for people with anger problems, and social support for your recovery, Illumination Mental Health can help you overcome these issues and regain control of your life.

Consequences of Untreated Anger Issues

Anger problems will often result in damaged relationships and friendships. They can affect your family life and work and interfere with your daily responsibilities.

High levels of anger are also associated with several physical health problems. People with anger issues are more likely to:

  • Experience cardiac illness
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Experience frequent headaches
  • Have digestion problems
  • Experience insomnia

Leaving your anger issues untreated leaves you at high risk for developing these medical conditions, causing you further frustration and potentially increasing your overall healthcare costs.

Top Things to Know About Our Anger Management Therapy Program

Our anger management therapy program in Los Angeles, CA can deliver several treatments that help you to manage your anger and refocus your energy into more productive pursuits. Anger management therapy is a targeted form of cognitive-behavioral therapy and can teach you to identify the signs of anger before it gets out of control, use healthy coping mechanisms to manage your problems, repair your relationships, and keep your stress levels at healthy levels.

At our anger management therapy center in Los Angeles, CA, our guests will participate in group, individual, and family therapy sessions to learn new skills and set right the problems of the past. Our clinical team will collaborate with you to understand the root cause of your anger issues and develop methods that work for you.

At Illumination Mental Health, we understand that everyone comes from a unique situation, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to anger management.

We individualize each of our guest’s treatment plans and conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure the primary cause of treatment is addressed that may play a factor in your anger problem.

Find Relief Through Anger Management Therapy in Los Angeles, CA at Illumination Mental Health

When you’re ready to start the road to recovery from anger problems, call our mental health professionals at 747.285.7504 today or use the convenient online form. Even if you have struggled with anger issues for your entire life, our intensive treatment options can help you change your behaviors, manage your emotions, and learn to repair broken relationships.

Don’t delay seeking help for this serious problem any longer when recovery is possible at Illumination Mental Health.

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