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a couple benefits from a couples therapy program in los angelesKeeping a relationship strong over time is a difficult challenge. It can be even harder if one or both people struggle with a mental health disorder. A couples therapy program can help improve communication and teach couples how to resolve conflicts positively. Unfortunately, many people avoid therapy because they’re not sure what to expect.

To learn more about how couples counseling fits into our residential mental health treatment programs, call Illumination Mental Health at 747.285.7504.

What to Expect from a Couples Therapy Program

During the first session or two, you can expect your therapist to do a lot of talking and ask a lot of questions. It’s important for the therapist to get to know you as individuals and as a couple. Your first session may feel a bit unnatural, but learning this background information is essential to the process.

You and your partner may both find it difficult to open up in front of a stranger. As the bond of trust grows with your therapist, communication will become more comfortable. Your therapist is not there to judge or to take sides. He or she is a mental health professional whose only goal is to help the two of you meet your relationship goals.

In order to benefit from a couples therapy program in Los Angeles, CA, and have a positive experience, there are a few things to consider.

Find the Right Therapist for Couples Counseling in Los Angeles, CA

You and your partner both need to have confidence in the process. Having trust in the therapeutic relationship is difficult if you disagree with the therapist’s approach or feel it’s not a good fit. Switching counselors can be part of the process. Just make sure you’re not dismissing therapists because they don’t take your side.

Some things to consider when searching for a couples counseling program:

  • Budget
  • Be open-minded
  • Be honest

Discuss Your Budget

It may not seem like the most romantic discussion in the world, but you and your partner need to be honest about your therapy budget. Couples counseling is an investment, but it is one that will be well worth it. And as part of your overall inpatient mental health treatment program at Illumination, you’ll benefit from strengthened relationships.

Stay Open

You’ve come to counseling because something, or maybe many things, aren’t working in your relationship, and you want professional help. Be open to the process. If your therapist assigns homework, do the work. If they point out a problem with your behavior, be willing to change. Being in a couples therapy program requires a willingness to take a close, honest look at your behavior. Staying emotionally and intellectually open to new ideas isn’t easy, but it will help you reach your goals.

Be Honest

You can’t get help for your issues if you’re not honest about them. Be honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings, perceptions, and even your anger. There’s no point in spending the time and money on a couples therapy program in Los Angeles, CA, if you’re not going to communicate honestly about your situation.

Find a Couples Therapy Program in Los Angeles, CA at Illumination Mental Health

The compassionate therapists at Illumination Mental Health are here to help you shine a light on your relationship. We understand that undergoing therapy can be difficult; dragging out old wounds and disappointments is not fun. But it can be necessary to promote lasting healing and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Call Illumination Mental Health today at 747.285.7504 to learn more about our couples therapy program and how it can empower you as individuals and partners.

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