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3 Benefits of Medication Management for Mental Health Issues

Clinician talks with clients about medication management for mental health

Many people with mental health disorders must take multiple prescriptions to manage their mental health. If they also need prescriptions for physical health complaints, keeping track of medications can become complicated and distract from other valuable therapies. That’s where medication management services can be a helpful solution.

At Illumination Mental Health, we provide medication management services for our residents so they can focus on getting well, not on their medication schedule. Call us today at 747.285.7504 for more information.

Benefits of Medication Management for Mental Health

The ultimate benefit of medication management is improved outcomes for individuals living with mental illness. At their core, management programs are designed to help people heal. Medication management can play an important role in an overall treatment plan that includes therapy and ongoing social support.

Unfortunately, finding the right combination of psychiatric medications isn’t always easy. Medications often need to be changed and adjusted to find the most effective treatment method.

Medication management streamlines the process. It reduces wasted time and resources and helps people find the most effective protocols as soon as possible. Perhaps most importantly, medication management at Illumination Mental Health provides the ongoing support our mental health residents deserve.

Before deciding if medication management for mental health prescriptions is right for you or your loved one, consider the following additional benefits.

Increased Engagement

It’s easy to assume that medication management leaves residents out of the loop when it comes to controlling their own healthcare decisions. However, the opposite is true: medication management empowers recipients to take a more informed, active role in managing their own health issues.

Studies have shown that people are more than twice as likely to adhere to their prescription regimens when mental health medications are managed.

One reason for improved engagement may be that medication management helps people find the most effective combination of medications as quickly as possible.

Without oversight, those with mental health disorders may take medications incorrectly without realizing it. When this happens, medications don’t deliver improvement and may even make a person feel worse. They might suffer needlessly for weeks, months, or even years while wondering why their condition doesn’t improve.

A medication management team will ensure that medications are being taken properly. If residents don’t show improvement or are unhappy with side effects, the team can quickly change protocols for a better outcome.

Feeling better emotionally and physically encourages individuals to be proactive and engage more completely with all of their therapies.

Lower Costs for Mental Health Medication

Medication management for mental health helps eliminate unnecessary medications and find more affordable alternatives to the most effective drugs. The out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications can be overwhelming and discourage those in need from taking the medicines that are vital to maintaining their mental health.

With the support of a mental health medication management specialist, costs are reduced, and the process is streamlined.

Whole-Person Support

Barriers to medication adherence are a major problem for some people with mental health concerns. For example, some of the things that can affect an individual’s ability to follow medication protocols include:

  • Health literacy
  • Language barriers
  • Income
  • Cultural considerations

Even something as simple as fasting for religious observances can prevent someone from taking their medication if that drug needs to be taken with food.

Having your mental health medications managed provides the support needed to recover. With professionals to make the correct adjustments and assist in overcoming barriers, residents receive effective treatment.

Medication Management for Mental Health at Illumination Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling to keep up with their medication protocols, medication management can help. Call Illumination Mental Health today at 747.285.7504 to learn more about how medication management can support your wellness goals.

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