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What Is Co-Dependency and Do I Struggle With It?

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Do you feel as though your relationships are completely one-sided? Do you give and give to others but never seem to receive in return? If so, you may be struggling with co-dependency and may benefit from seeking help from a co-dependency therapy program.

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What Is Co-Dependency?

So what is co-dependency? It is a learned behavior where somebody relies upon their friends, romantic partners, or family to a harmful extent. A co-dependent person often acts as the caregiver, and their relationship partner takes advantage of the other’s kindness. This behavior is often seen in dysfunctional families or the partners of people with substance use disorders.

While caring for others isn’t necessarily a bad thing, co-dependency takes this behavior to extremes. A co-dependent person will often neglect themselves to take care of others and may never find happiness on their own until they learn to manage their co-dependency.

Signs of Co-Dependency

Many people who struggle with co-dependency can’t see that their behavior is a problem, but the signs of co-dependency may help them to understand that their behavior could be hindering their own happiness. Common signs of co-dependency include:

  • Always putting others before yourself
  • Putting more into a relationship than you get out of it
  • Feeling like you can fix someone’s problems
  • Not taking time for yourself
  • Being willing to do anything for the other person

These signs can indicate that you are engaging in co-dependent behavior and would likely benefit from co-dependency treatment.

The Dangers of Co-Dependency

The problem with co-dependency is that people can begin to lose their own sense of self. You can get so wrapped up in other people’s problems and successes that you lose track of your own. Ultimately, this leads to a destructive spiral of co-dependency, as you lose more of yourself and begin to rely on others for finding meaning and purpose in life.

Co-dependency has been referred to as a relationship addiction. Just like drug addictions, it can keep you coming back despite the harmful consequences and is difficult to break free from on your own. Seeking co-dependency therapy can help show you how to resume taking care of yourself and break the destructive pattern of co-dependency.

Co-Dependency Treatment

Beginning co-dependency therapy is the first step to reclaiming your life. At a co-dependency treatment center, people can learn how their behaviors negatively affect themselves and the person they are attempting to save.

Co-dependency treatment usually combines several different styles of therapy to help people recover, including individual, group, and family therapy options. These therapies can teach you to:

  • Learn to support your loved ones rather than try to save them
  • Take time for yourself
  • Learn to say no
  • Stand up for yourself
  • If necessary, take steps towards separating yourself from harmful relationships

Importantly, starting co-dependency treatment can help your loved one as well as yourself. Oftentimes, people with problems such as substance use can delay working on themselves when a co-dependent partner is always there to rescue them. Taking a step back gives them room to recognize that they may need to change as well.

Start Treatment at Illumination Mental Health

When you’re ready to start co-dependency therapy, contact the professionals at Illumination Mental Health by calling 747.285.7504. Our expert team would be happy to discuss the several treatment options we have available for co-dependency and can guide you towards making the best choice in your recovery.

Breaking free from co-dependency can drastically improve your life, and the team at Illumination Mental Health can show you the way.

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