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a family therapy program works for this familyA family therapy program provides treatment designed to help every member of the family individually and help the family function as a whole. Therapy helps loved ones build stronger relationships, forgive past mistakes, and improve communication skills for a better future.

If your family isn’t currently functioning in a healthy way, Illumination Mental Health offers a family therapy program in Los Angeles, CA that can help as you participate in our residential mental health treatment programs. Call us today at 747.285.7504 for more information.

What Does a Family Therapy Program Do?

Families are a complex network of individuals who are all struggling to be heard and understood. If mental health disorders, divorce, or other traumas are involved, the struggle can be even more difficult.

Participating in a family counseling program in Los Angeles, CA empowers each family member to communicate their needs in a healthy way. This serves to strengthen family relationships and improve relationships with friends, co-workers, and others.

A qualified family therapist may utilize several different therapeutic techniques to help the family communicate and support each other better.

Types of Family Therapy Techniques

Psychodynamic techniques involve an assessment of how individual members interpret and respond to problems. These might include activities like role-playing to provide new insights into a family member’s perspective.

Behavioral techniques are intended to help address specific issues. These techniques emphasize skills training and learning new ways to address negative thinking or behavior.

Structural techniques focus on helping family members establish boundaries. The therapist may encourage the family to discuss the power dynamics within the family structure and help them establish new routines that will improve how the family operates.

No matter which techniques a therapist uses, the goal is to improve emotional awareness between family members. Improved communication, collaboration, and acceptance of things that cannot be controlled all aid in reaching that goal.

Specifically, participating in a family counseling program in Los Angeles, CA, can help families cope with:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Major changes within the family
  • Divorce or marital problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Communication issues
  • Grief or death of a loved one
  • Major life transitions and other stressful events
  • Trauma
  • Conflicts between siblings or parent-child conflict

During family therapy sessions, physical and mental health conditions can also be addressed. Your therapist may recommend supplementing family therapy with individual counseling to explore these issues in depth.

The Benefits of Our Family Counseling Program in Los Angeles, CA

Attending a family therapy center in Los Angeles, CA, with your loved ones offers benefits you will appreciate now and in the future. Therapy provides families with the chance to speak truthfully in a safe space monitored by a mental health professional.

Some of the benefits of family therapy include:

  • Improved communication
  • Learning to solve problems as a group
  • Reduced conflict between family members
  • Better anger management
  • Improved conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding and respecting healthy boundaries
  • Bringing families closer after a crisis
  • Improved trust among family members
  • A safe space for forgiveness

A family therapy program in Los Angeles, CA, aims to provide every member with the tools they need to heal from past experiences and create healthy, happy new ones. No matter what is causing dysfunction in your family, a commitment to improvement and the right support can provide lasting solutions.

Illumination Mental Health: Your Trusted Family Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA

If your family is struggling to come together after a crisis or if you want to improve family communication for everyone’s benefit, call Illumination Mental Health today at 747.285.7504.

Our compassionate therapists understand that even families who love each other don’t always know how to operate in a healthy way. We can provide the tools and support your family needs not just to function but to thrive.

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