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a doctor goes over medication management services with a future patientSometimes, giving our Illumination Mental Health residents the best chance at recovery requires some extra steps. Medication management is part of our comprehensive mental health services.

Medication management offers several advantages, including providing a personalized approach to treatment that helps our residents thrive.

For more information about the medication management services at Illumination Mental Health, call 747.285.7504 today.

Understanding Medication Management Services

Medication management involves monitoring psychiatric medications to alleviate the symptoms of certain mental health conditions. Individuals struggling with bipolar and other mental health disorders can become overwhelmed when they first enter treatment.

The process of beginning a program, participating in therapy, and getting on a medication schedule is a lot to handle at once, especially when multiple medications are prescribed.

Medication management services are used to make sure residents are getting the right medicines at the right time. Following a strict medication protocol can help relieve the symptoms of severe mental health disorders for those with conditions that make regulating emotions, functioning appropriately, or balancing their moods.

Benefits of Medication Management Services in Los Angeles, CA

Taking prescribed medications as they are recommended is not always as straightforward as it seems. Some medicines need to be taken with food, some on an empty stomach, some in the morning, and some at night.

Taking medications at the wrong times or in the wrong dosage can cause negative side effects. In some cases, not following prescription instructions can limit the effectiveness of a medication. In addition, it can be more difficult to monitor mental or physical health conditions if prescription protocols aren’t followed.

In addition to keeping you on track with prescriptions, medication management services offer the following benefits:

  • Allow residents to focus on their treatment
  • Reduce the stress of treatment
  • Provide a more personalized approach to recovery
  • Increase the chances for a medication to be effective
  • Reduce medication costs
  • Increase overall satisfaction of individuals receiving treatment
  • Improve resident comfort
  • Eliminate accidental or purposeful misuse of prescriptions
  • Encourage better collaboration among care providers

Some people come to treatment after years of diligently taking the same medications with no improvement in their condition. When medications are managed by experts, it is easier to identify and eliminate what is not helpful.

Residents receiving medication management services in Los Angeles, CA, can feel confident that the medicines they are using are safe, correct, and in the right dosage. If symptoms do not improve, there is a whole team of experts to reevaluate and adjust the prescription plan.

What Types of Medications Are Available?

All prescribed medications are included in a management plan. This ensures that every prescription is managed as part of the entire treatment program and not in isolation.

Some of the most common medications used in treatment include:

  • Mood stabilizers
  • Depressants
  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anxiolytics
  • Stimulants
  • Pain management medications

Many people who struggle with their mental health are hesitant to take medications due to fear of side effects or because of the stigma attached to some medicines.

With medication management, residents have the support of a team helping them understand the importance of medication and how it can improve their lives. Once residents see and feel their condition improve, concerns about taking medication decrease.

Caring for your mental health is a lifelong process. Medication management helps build a strong foundation that shows the benefits of good self-care.

Find Medication Management for Mental Health in Los Angeles, CA at Illumination

At Illumination Mental Health, our goal is to provide personalized, comprehensive services to each resident in our care. Medication management is one way we meet that goal.

Each resident’s medical and mental health needs are unique. If you or a loved one needs mental health care that respects individuality, call Illumination Mental Health today at 747.285.7504. Our medication management for mental health in Los Angeles, CA, can help.

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