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Residential Mental Health Treatment

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Mental Health

a group works together in a residential mental health treatment programIf you or a loved one is struggling with the symptoms of a mental health disorder, a residential mental health treatment program in Los Angeles, CA can provide the tools and services needed to achieve recovery.

It’s possible to reach a place of stability no matter what mental health disorder is impacting your life. While some people may never achieve full remission, you can see a dramatic improvement in symptoms with quality mental health care.

When you’re ready to treat your mental health, contact the team at Illumination Mental Health by calling 747.285.7504 and find out more about the premier residential mental health treatment center in Los Angeles, CA today.

The Benefits of a Residential Mental Health Treatment Program

Our residential mental health treatment program offers residents the best possible chances of recovery. Receiving inpatient care means that you can:

  • Focus your energy on recovery instead of distractions
  • Receive intensive treatment daily
  • Get the most accurate diagnosis of your mental illness
  • Have your progress tracked closely and accurately
  • Develop tools and skills to last a lifetime
  • Feel safe, supported, and understood by a team of mental health professionals

Our residential mental health treatment program in Los Angeles, CA, can help you accomplish all of these goals.

By combining the best in psychiatric medicine, counseling services, peer support, and extensive recreational and wellness activities, we can transform a difficult period of mental health challenges into a peaceful respite of healing and growth.

Mental Health Treatment Services Offered in Los Angeles, CA

Our inpatient mental health treatment program in Los Angeles, CA offers several evidence-based therapies that can assist people in overcoming their mental illness. Services we offer include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatry services
  • Integrative wellness services
  • Genetic testing
  • Grief counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Self-harm reduction
  • Eating disorder therapy

Our treatment center is built to accommodate people with all types of mental illness. We have the experience required to manage a variety of symptoms and help our residents achieve their treatment goals.

Holistic Treatment for Mental Health

At Illumination Mental Health, we pride ourselves on treating a variety of mental health disorders with the most effective approaches. Our generalist model of mental health care means we are better equipped to deal with multiple mental health disorders, treat various symptoms, and give our guests the tools they need. We value holistic mental health: treating every aspect of mental illness so that you have the tools to achieve recovery.

Our multidisciplinary team is equipped to help people overcome a variety of mental illnesses, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Postpartum depression

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Illumination Mental Health can help bring light into the darkness of mental illness. We are dedicated to inspiring our residents and providing hope for the future, despite their challenges with mental illness. We know that recovery is possible, and we can help show you the way.

Contact our team at 747.285.7504 when you’re ready to take the first step to emotional well-being and complete mental health. Our residential mental health treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, can be the starting point for a brand-new life in recovery.

Don’t let your mental health challenges stand in the way of a better life—you can recover with the help of the compassionate and understanding professionals at Illumination Mental Health.

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